Friday, August 14, 2009

Rainbow Brite!

I look at this display of Dell Minis (I opted for "obsidian black"--as to not delay production & save a few bucks, although green and blue...make me happy)...And all I can do is think about Saturday morning cartoons circa 1985!
My List of Favorites: (remember I grew-up on AFN overseas, mostly)
Rainbow Brite
My Little Pony
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Kids Inc.
Care Bears
Maya the Bee (in German)
Muppet Babies (in German)
Punky Brewster
The Wuzzles

Back to the netbook/notebook/mini laptop<---throw in your bookbag and run to class typing machine.

I already have a Dell Inspiron laptop (15 inches) and truth be told, even THAT is too big to cart around on a daily basis. I did take it to one class religiously in the Spring of 2008. I made outlines and took notes and things went swell.

But it has become my "home computer"...used mostly for school work and writing (of course) alongside blogging and surfing the same ten or so sites on a daily basis.

Lil inspri is gonna be my "on-the-go" version of Big inspri! But I bet I won't break the BlackBerry habit no matter what I carry.

(I just realized that I have White, Red...and soon to be Black electronic devices near and dear to my heart....seems so primal!)


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Anonymous said...

1985 was a good year...


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