Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writing Wednesday:

(full size HERE)

This is author Katherine Center revising a very early draft of a story...I love the sound her pen makes as she writes. I love knowing that someone else in the world prints something out and then starts writing all over it.

She is a published author. I, am not (yet). My pen is made by Sharpie and does not make the "wagging dog tail noise," but it jumps all over the word processed page in a similar fashion.

Today is Wednesday--"writing" Wednesday--a series she does in which she answers questions about the writing process.

I have six seven short stories somewhat in the final stages of "done"...and one more in the middle of "writing." Plus one in the "thinking" and "researching" stage.

It really is a process, this "writing" thing.

So, Allison recently wrote a review of To Kill a Mockingbird. Guess what? It was Harper Lee's only novel. Yes. One novel.

Remember Gone with the Wind (the novel)? It was Margaret Mitchell's only novel as well. She worked as a newspaperwoman in Atlanta (I have visited her house/apartment actually). Yes. One novel.

Now both of those novels were a great grand HUGE success! I'm not picking apart or judging anyone for writing a WHOLE!

I guess I'm really trying to say (poorly) that writing is a process. I guess I'm also trying to make myself feel better about the "meager" seven short stories I have written.

There is a novel inside of me somewhere.

And since I am "off" work today, I plan on doing some writing or editing since it is Writing Wednesday (but even Katherine Center will tell you that Writing Wednesday is everyday).



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