Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random(ness) from a Chick:

(Married to the Sea) ---------------------------------------------------------
Today is day SIX of working seven days in a row*...and I almost forgot (that I was working so many in a row).

Now, LAST week I was fuming about the whole idea--so apparently Yoga is doing a great job at relieving stress and relaxing me!

I'm not ASKING to work this much again, don't get me wrong--I'm just surprised at my general happiness and continued vigor.

*possible because it is split between two "work weeks."
I started watching this version of Jane Eyre last night. Since I have yet to finish the book, maybe I am cheating a bit. BUT my goodness, I was on the verge of tears as the first installment ended (2 hours).

It doesn't takes Hollywood Magic or CGI to make my heart pitter. I'm a simple girl who loves watching tiny moments captured between people. (Which seems to be what I like to write as well).

I will have to wait for Netflix to send me the last installment (2 more hours).
MORE from the Mouths of Professors:
  • You can be 10 miles away taking a crap or eating some cheese and the next thing you know you’d be blown to smithereens!
  • Suddenly at 5:30 Michael’s brain ruptures and he was just looking out the window...
  • It’s just Scotty calling from the other world, if only we could all just be beamed up.
  • The fly was actually Otto Terminex in another life.
  • This is Keith Richard’s girlfriend...
  • It’s not fantasy and it’s not the seat of his pants.
  • This is astronomy; wonderful things are coming into the sky.
  • A space ship landed in my yard from Mars..
  • Magic is in all forms!

So that was three distinct entries in one!

Random enough? Yes!



allerson said...

Tell me more about Keith Richards' girlfriend. I think I could handle that job.

janet said...

I wish I could remember WHO or WHAT poem he was talking about...

but I would imagine that you're way too clean-cut for Keith.


allerson said...

clean-cut is my middle name.


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