Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoga Me This:

Day One.

aka the first time in my life (I know of) in which I didn't speak for over two hours.

If you know me--you know me.

If you don't know me--
this is big!

(I've been told that I even "sleep talk")

I had my first (for credit) yoga class this evening and I feel like jello.

I am still totally stress-free though and THAT is a serious plus! (I also have a feeling that I will sleep like a baby)

For those who have any clue about Yoga we did:

Sponge (aka Corpse)
Half locus
Downward facing dog
“Half lord of the fishes”
Half bow
Warrior II
“Single nostril breathing”
Modified eagle

Of course, none of that is in sequence (nor is it everything). I just rifled through Google trying to find names of these poses. One cool thing about this class is that we do it--with the lights off. And you're so busy concentrating on yourself, that it is impossible to even remember the 19 other people around you.

Our instructor has been teaching Yoga since 1975. You do the math. He combines a lot of different "schools" and methods of yoga and was affiliated with the Himalayan Institute for a very long time.

I don't really know what all that means yet, but I can tell you that I am a master of the Sponge aka Corpse pose already.

And if you're not laughing your ass off over that yet, LOOK AT IT HERE.



theokbunny said...

Any hot guys?

janet said...

There are four in the class, plus the instructor but I was so busy listening to my breathing and trying NOT to fall over...

I couldn't tell (may be another first for me)


theokbunny said...

O..M..G..(Janice style)
Janet NOT looking at guys. I think hell just got really cold. There must be ice down there


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