Thursday, July 9, 2009

You can quote me...

“I think therefore I am.”

“I cannot write therefore I read.”

That being “said,” you’d think I was doing a lot of writing or reading to pass my “non” work time. Wrong. If the last two months of “no class” have taught me anything, it is that I need a full schedule to maintain equipoise.

Read This Week:
"The Ice Palace" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
"The Five-Forty-Eight" by John Cheever

Written This Week:
This blog entry

of course, if I maybe stop watching every single second of MJ coverage, I may find all the lost time I keep complaining about.

OH! I took another GRE practice exam (only the “English” side, so I guess that is practically cheating) and I learned that I am seriously lacking in Reading Comprehension skills.

WHAT? Everything else was greater than average, but the very low comprehension score pulled me waaaaay back.

So even though I have read two relatively famous short stories (and really loved them) don’t ask me what they were about because I probably didn’t understand them anyway.

Sigh. But I want to talk about those two stories like it is nobody's business. Especially the endings...*watches tumbleweeds blow by*...

I am considering taking a couple classes online this semester...maybe in lieu of "testing for language credit." I think I'm afraid that I will fail the "test for credit" delaying my graduation another semester.

You can thank my most recent "never gonna graduate" nightmares for this current revelation. I don't know what to do now. Grad school won't happen until NEXT fall...should I chance it?

What harm is a few "fun" psychology classes anyway? (Abnormal! Psychology of Learning/Memory!) Or maybe another history class?

You can quote me on that!



Anonymous said...

definitely go for psych! i really enjoyed mine. online is probably good, but if you take them at the u, try to get gilbert parra! he's amazing. i have no doubt you'll graduate this fall, but you still have the spring anyway - if you need to make up credits or if you just want to keep busy. take advantage of your time!

i havent been writing, either =/ (AND im not watching mj coverage - what's my excuse?) FINALLY started reading a whole lot though. ill re-read ice palace and the five forty eight so our summers wont be complete busts.

i scored better in math than english on my gre, too. very strange. but at least you're pre-testing.

janet said...



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