Saturday, July 25, 2009

Submission Status:

under consideration: Your submission has been received and is being read by our editors.

Which is a nice thing to see as opposed to "REJECTED!"

REJECTED could, may will be coming soon enough (or in this case, they use PASS, but you don't get to collect $200)...

I read somewhere (in the back of my copy of The Bell Jar, I think) that Sylvia Plath received something like 47-rejection letters before her first short story appeared in a magazine.


I have officially only received three rejections in my writing life, so I need to step up my game, right?

I only have two submissions floating around right now. TWO! But I will be sending out another this week...and this is an actual "hard" copy manuscript--and local (to the Memphis Magazine).

In other news, my friend Maureen is training for her SECOND marathon. That's right...second. She completed her first in 2007 (the New York City marathon) and I am quite sure that she said she'd never do another. HA!

I'm both impressed & inspired (with) by her!

More News:
  • I purchased "less than" ten books at the used bookstore.
  • I finished my 2nd week of Yoga (I hate downward dog, BTW)
  • I finished the second installment of Jane Eyre. AMAZING!
  • I edited another story for submission (see above).
  • I'm adding three classes to my Fall semester (WHAT?)


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