Saturday, August 2, 2008

Write Out Loud!


I love you. No, really I do. Here is my story:

So I read somewhere recently that the "art of writing" is dead. I mean the ACTUAL art of HANDwriting. I feel the irony, yes, being that I am BLOGGING about the death of HANDwriting...but stay with me on this one.

I like love to WRITE. I've practice my handwriting skills along with my signature (which naturally leads to practicing my autograph so I can hand-sign books effectively one day). I've looked at the samples of "famous" and "infamous" writers. I've tried to analysis my own hand even.

Part of the problem of writing though, is not that I'm left-handed (therefore, right-brained)...although it can be a challenge especially when there is ONE possible desk in a classroom to sit at...EVEN in college--I have issues.

(maybe it is a problem, but you can't help me there)

Part of the problem of writing though (and this is where You come into play, Sharpie), is the actual writing instrument. Working in the medical field, I am usually surrounded by “free” pens until they grow legs and walk out of the building, at least. Some of these pens are wonderful, some are not so great.

Then there is the SHARPIE. I simply adore the classic fine point permanent marker. I've tried to even use it to take notes or write in my journal. However, you know as well as I do that it bleeds through paper…WAIT! There is now a Sharpie pen and it is:

*designed not bleed through paper (depending on the paper)
*smear resistant when dry
*permanent on paper
*quick drying
*water resistant

Watch as I throw confetti into the air and do a little dance!

I was so excited that this afternoon I purchased way too many Sharpie pens (but it is a tax-free weekend)! I also bought a few packages of the classic fine point permanent marker in enough colors to paint the world fantastic. An addiction, I know.

The moral of this little tale-turned-Sharpie commercial? (which may not be not half as exciting as the time Shane Battier asked me about my Sharpie metallic silver fine point pen as he was autographing my Grizzlies basketball)

I can NOT wait to take notes using your pens! I love you, Sharpie!



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