Monday, December 31, 2007

In my Mind, I'm goin' to Carolina:

can't you just see the sunshine/can't you just feel the moonshine

(insert more James Taylor here, if you'd like)

Since I was a child (circa 1982) I have been a Tar Heel fan.

If you're NOT from the great state of North Carolina (my father is) then you don't understand exactly.

You're born a Carolina or Duke or Wolfpack Fan. No questions asked. You are one or the other (Tim Duncan would remind us to throw in Wake Forest into the equation too).

Back to 1982. Michael Jordan (have you heard of him?) & Georgetown. NCAA Championship and little Janet drawing pictures of little "feet". Yes. I couldn't get enough of "the feet" and I would do anything for an original artwork from then!

To make a long story short(er) fast forward to 1993. I did all the "smack" talking a freshman in HS could do before Final Four weekend. Guess who came out the victor? ME (and UNC)!

I'm pretty sure I can find some of the games I recorded on VHS. Yes. I'm like an old man talking about "glory days" when it comes to this stuff. I wrote a term paper about Dean Smith and his legendary coaching career. Plant a big "L" on my forehead! HA HA!

I visited the campus a few summers ago & because there was a basketball camp in progress, I actually got to step onto the court & see all the jerseys in the rafters! BLUE HEAVEN, indeed! We strolled around Franklin Street as well, but being ON COURT was priceless!

Where am I going with all of this? You've probably figured it out. Sorry, Memphis. Don't hate me for being a True Blue Carolina fan. It's been a part of my life for a serious amount of time. I even had Carolina Blue painted walls for a long time, friends.

I've even did my share of "trash" talking with none other than Shane Battier (he forgave me. LOVE HIM!).

So what does a girl do with her favorite team is Number ONE in the country and sitting right there at Number TWO is MEMPHIS? The school in which I will be graduating from (eventually)....

It's enough to make my little Basketball Heart beat right out of my chest.



Stephanie G said...

Stick with the love of the feet. Not the love of the one that smells like feet.

janet said...

Words to live by.



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