Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This Film is NOT yet Rated:

(the title of a documentary I watched in 2007)

So it is very custom for people to make LISTS at the end and or beginning of the New Year and I must follow suit.

Of course, being the crazy "movie buff" that I claim to be--I have compiled and or painstakingly attempted to gather all the films I have watched LAST year. (Wow. LAST year.) The grand total is 103 or something very similar. I keep losing count.

I won't post the entire list, but the 12 that stood out as I was making the list as my favorite films VIEWED in 2007. I think only five of these actually were shown in theaters in 2007. HA!

Thanks to Netflix, I can't remember the last film I paid $8 to see. These are in alphabetic order ONLY, I can't really put them in any other order:

A Good Year
A Love Song for Bobby Long
A Walk on the Moon
An Inconvenient Truth
Little Children
Miss Potter
Notes on a Scandal
Stranger than Fiction
The Player
Veronica Guerin

Similarities in these? (click for trailers and or the official sites)

Patrick Wilson & Cate Blanchett star in TWO of them, but not together.
One film features an old English professor in New Orleans (and really changed my life).

There are a few love affairs...a journalist murdered for uncovering a drug ring (true story)...a writer suffering from writer's block...and a crumbling Earth (another true story).

It's all good stuff. I wonder what I'll discover in 2008.


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Allenus said...

Ich bin getrunken. Das ist alles.


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