Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Biological Species Concept:

Why are you reading this? I know it wasn't the title that made you click on through--or maybe it was & you felt sorry for me. Moths to a flame, I'll never really know.

So I am thinking about 35312532 things I could be doing instead of doing what I need to do.

(That's a LOT of do do doing--can anyone else hear The Police right now?)

Perhaps I should be studying for my Last Bio II Exam (not including the final), which is scheduled to begin about 10 hours from now...tickticktick

HEY! My Biology Clock is literally ticking (not to be confused with my Biological Clock)

Tonight we watched THE PLAYER (1992) in Film class and I really liked it. I would say RENT IT asap! Besides, who knew Tim Robbins not only starred in the film, but he also makes a cameo! (Ladies, Susan Sarandon knows how to pick 'em!) I digress...

I also got my paper back (the one I stressed about for a couple weeks and changed films 1-week before the due date)...Good Times! Watch me tap dance around NOT studying for aforementioned Biology Exam.

Species are groups of actually or potentially interbreeding organisms that are reproductively isolated from such groups.

Before you know it, I'll be promising to wake up early and study BEFORE class...Oy!


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