Tuesday, December 4, 2007

like Kim Zmeskal on floor:


*insert a couple whip backs here*

(be prepared for the 2nd tumbling pass!)

I just got home from my Bio II Lab Practical which means NO MORE LAB! The "my college career" portion of any type of Biological Laboratory is over! AND as if that wasn't enough...how can it get better??...

Something happened to our dissected specimens...maybe they weren't sealed or frozen properly, but the smell got worse. If our professor can't handle it (Super Dr. o' Mammalian Biology and such) ya know it had to be BAD.

Praise all that is Holy, no Felix or Smiley to look at...all of that anatomy was NOT ON THE EXAM! (I could've done it--but still, ROCK ON!) So I guess I won't share the link I found to the Virtual Cat Dissection. Aren't YOU lucky?

THREE exams down and....FOUR left to go!


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Anonymous said...


Reading your blog was an experience!!!! I understand why you would want to be a writer, it was very entertaining and never a dull moment. Take care and I will talk with you later.



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