Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your Mission, if you Choose to Accept It:

So here I am, class-free and NOT posting in my blog. Although technically I am NOW posting in my blog, but lately I have found myself without “words.”

('without words' almost like the episode of Golden Girls I watched last night in which Blanche decides she is going to be the next great Southern writer...with her bodice-ripping romance novels...I could've died laughing!)

Since classes ended last week, I have found Time (I didn’t know Time was lost) to catch up on Holiday cards & giftage. It is rather easy to shop for someone when they are with you and tell you EXACTLY what they want.

I made treats for my co-workers (or “associates” as they are officially known). How does this sound: Chocolate & Sprinkled Covered Pretzel Rods!!! My partner-in-crime is probably rolling her eyes right now. After we found a Method to Our Madness, it was grand fun!

I received word from a classmate yesterday, she is also frantically checking for our Grades. Nope. I had to admit to her (and you) I have been doing the same, several times a day. I "think" the deadline is the 20th...

Quick story: So Buttercup loves to "chase" squirrels. She whines & runs & jumps & absolutely loses her MIND when she sees one. So I thought it would be fun to get her a "Squirrel" toy.

(like she doesn't have about 3.2 million toys already)

JUST NOW, before I could even wrap it up, she jumped up and stole it off the table. I am hoping to steal it back and hide it from her. BUT now she won't let it out of her sight...

Covert Operation S.S.B. is on! (Steal Squirrel Back)


p.s. And for your reading pleasure--an article about her NGPS by author Laura Zigman!

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Allenus said...

I hope your grades come soon. I'm sure you were extremely successful... I was lucky enough to get 5 A's and a C this semester (damn organic chem). The Big "G" is looming on the horizon... I'm so glad you're doing this too. Merry Christmas!


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