Saturday, December 22, 2007

Filled with Spirit:

It started with a combo green holiday sweatshirt & santa purse. Oh! And a cell phone camera. It became an obsession!

I'm talking about candid Spirit photos from work.

Of course we've been so busy it's been difficult to get ready for all the Spirit wandering about. I didn't run and chase people down to catch their Fabulousness, except maybe once (with Frosty there).

Next season I shall be better prepared. (and who knows what I will see in the upcoming days).




Melissa said...

Oh my, that is fantastic! I envy your ability to catch these things in all their glory. :D

marlene said...

i am going to have to make a post dedicated to you with all of my theme park tourist pictures!

i honestly hunted for odd christmas shirts, but here in florida it is so warm we are all in tanks and t's. i guess they don't make horrid christmas wear in short sleeves.

Stephanie G said...

Stalker with a camera.... :-)
Merry Christmas (exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes late!)


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