Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year of the Pig, Dog, Horse, Monkey, Etc.

No, I'm not a Water Horse (which I've heard is a pretty awesome flick) but I'm an EARTH Horse instead!

(you are as well, if you were born in 1918 or 1978--and no, I was NOT born in 1918....that is NOT even funny)

I decided to look all of this information up after having a conversation about a certain little J-Mo who was born this past August. His mother and I were wondering WHAT "Year" he was because he is often called Monkey.

We knew it wasn't Year of the Monkey--but discovered it was Year of the (Fire) Pig instead. So now I have to call him PIGLET! Fabulous.

So back to me (or you). I mean, the Horse:

Above all, the Horse is cut out to be in politics, a career which could bring great personal satisfaction with the opportunity to grind his own axe. He could be a winner here, for he has the facility to sway the crowd.

That's amusing. I mean--I am very political (too much so), but I don't see myself as a Politician.

Positive Qualities: Vivacious, Energetic, Adventurous, Independent and Non-conformist, Engaging and Charming, Honest and Straightforward, Hard-working, Considerate and Kind-hearted

Negative Qualities: Fiery Temper, Proud, Impulsive, Stubborn, Self-Centered, Blunt



P.S. Calling all Dogs (1958, 70, 82) & Tigers (1962, 74, 86) ! We're supposed to be BFF and Soulmates! And then my Goats (1955, 67, 79) & Roosters (1957, 69, 81) we're close as well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey... what about anyone born in 1952??


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