Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Tangled Web*

One of the challenges of being a college student is the ability to balance everything accordingly. It's something I had difficulty with the first time around and thus I am trying to keep it all together now.

This weekend has been spent immersed in Art. Two chapters of Art (one chapter is "make-up") and one major paper about a work of art. See that lovely piece? It's La MariƩe by Marc Chagall.

I love, love, love, love, LOVE it!

I thought about doing a different piece and artist, but when I found myself drawn to holiday cards last week featuring work by Chagall, I knew it was a sign to go a different way. This different way includes more research. But that's how I roll.

Due Date? MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY. Yes, Tomorrow.

I went back to Barnes & Noble last night to meet with my Film study group. Our final is Wednesday night. I will miss my fellow "old" students very much! We bonded immediately and apparently make a fabulous team.

Next to us in the cafe, was a professor at the University of Memphis. I know this, because she inquired about our discussion and said we worked so well together. We were "the perfect example of a study group."

insert AWWWWWWWWs here

The model study group shall meet again--tonight. If I ever finish my paper (half way through!) and last Art chapter. THEN I can start worrying about my Bio II final (Thursday). I still have to meet with a classmate and get some information.

*Oh I weave it well.


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marlene said...

aww the perfect study group !

that totally entitles you to goof off for awhile.


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