Sunday, January 6, 2008

Second Half:

So am I the only Memphian rooting for the Tigers to lose tonight?

(the CLEMSON TIGERS, don't freak out on me)

The Memphis vs Pepperdine game yesterday afternoon was quite interesting. It gave me a chance to actually watch our Tigers play. I always seem to be working when they are...working it on the court.

Tonight I get to watch my 'Heels in their ACC opener. It's been pretty close and I admit to chewing off one fingernail already. I just have several negative Clemson memories to draw upon (especially the upset of 'Heels in 1996 during the ACC tournament).

Speaking of heels, I'd love to learn how to knit SOCKS! This would require me to get over my absolute fear of double-point needles. I hope to make it to STASH (in same location as the former Yarn Studio) this Spring during their "Knit Nights" on Thursdays after class.

That was completely random.

I seriously hope I don't lose anymore fingernails tonight.

They're playing in Littlejohn Coliseum too! ACK!


p.s. I saw my first film of 2008 (In the Land of Women) and I completely over-thought it. Thanks Film Class.

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