Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad & Super Cold:

So I have survived the first week of class (Spring Semester) & a Super Cold.

*insert cheers here*

History Class > Math Class = Super Cold

Which basically means:

I love my History Class (US History to 1877)...we've met twice and I can tell you this much already. It felt like "story time" almost, "story time" with note taking. My professor is both fair and knowledgeable. Lovely qualities to have as a professor (as opposed to disorganized and flighty).

I really really fear Math (Math Foundations aka really crazy stuff like Set Theory). Where did this branch of Mathematics come from and really, what is the point? This is making me yearn for Algebra. I'll give the first person $$ who has proof (in writing) I would ever miss algebra. YEARN for Algebra? REALLY?

Also, I ordered the textbook online (to save $30) and it might not arrive until Wednesday. I have class on Tuesday night. OY!

Super Cold came into my life around 1am on Tuesday morning. We've been fighting one another ever since. I finally caved this evening and left work early. The Pharmacy has become a breeding ground for such sickness! I've personally handled 10+ people this week with Tamiflu perscriptions.

Super Cold and Math are pretty much the same as far as I'm concerned.

Oddly enough, Super Cold seems to be on the way out while Math is just beginning.

*le sigh*


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