Saturday, January 19, 2008

Late Night: Sports.

Anyone else up after Midnight this morning?

I was.

& because of a lot of sleeping (aka Super Cold)--I was wide awake and completely enthralled with Dark Federer, I mean Roger Federer as he held on for dear life during his 5-setter in Australia. It went on for 4+ hours and I only caught HALF of it!

Too bad Andy Roddick didn't survive his 5-setter the night before...

Rafa aka The Pirate is set to play tonight (or super early in the morning, our time) and I am looking forward to that match vs. Mathieu!

I have requested off the latter part of the RMK Championships next month, but I have yet to purchase tickets. I mentioned John Isner last summer and it looks as if he has a Wild Card into the 2008 Memphis tournament. HOW COOL! Someone was listening to me! (very unlikely but I hope I get to see him in action)

*this is the place where I completely ignore the fact UNC lost to Maryland today*


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