Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Write:

So I have a new flash piece debuting over at 6S today. It is one of my personal favorites, so I decided to make a "Wordle" out of it to celebrate myself, sing myself (--sorry, Whitman).

Although I keep saying that I'm NOT writing, I guess I AM writing little snatches of stuff. Dialogue. Six sentence flash pieces. Two pages of a story that has just stopped. And I keep writing in my journal and blogging (twice).

I have the ideas floating. I have the time (basically). The energy is helped along with coffee. I feel an urgency in my heart. There seems to be something just below the surface ready to explode on the the ink...along the outer edges.

I just turned my head (left) and saw this: "HOW TO SURVIVE: Writer's Block, Rejection by Editors, Your Absent Muse, and Yankee Aunts" (Oxford American, issue 66)

I could only wish my muse was absent. My muse is so present that "it" is creeping into every little thing that I write. Maybe this is normal, but it's getting too predictable for me. I don't want to hear, "OH? Another story about so and so?"

Maybe it is a form of Writer's Block that I have? I don't know.

Those editors and Yankee aunts have got to wait for another day.


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