Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Short Story Month!?!?!

Who knew? I didn't.

Thanks Tara Mae.

It is still in its infancy, apparently. The Month of May as Short Story Month (following the Month of April as Poetry Month)...

As a reader and writer of short stories, I am more than happy to participate in any way possible!

I have a little blog set up...which started as a project to read all the works by F. Scott Fitzgerald...(and I will complete that feat one day)--but all I managed was 12 short stories and a handful of essays.

Now I wrote detailed responses to the aforementioned F. Scott short stories--so I kept the blog and just changed the focus...Janet Reads (and opines about "short" literature).

I read five stories out of one collection this morning to write about...OVER THERE. So that's what I'm going to do.

*But first, I'd like to point out that just because a story is "short" doesn't mean it is easier to "write." I think that's the biggest misconception. I know I "thought" the same thing at one point.

You have to strip away all of the "filler," but include the same depth in fewer words. Not easy.

I think that choosing your words so carefully--makes the "moment" or "truth" of your story the focus. I like to digest the entire "thing" when I have the chance to sit down and read.

Face it, it's hard to find time to just sit down and read. I know. So with a short story you can actually mull over it all and let it wash your brain with its magic.


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