Monday, May 24, 2010

To Listen:

Somehow I got into a rhythm. A pattern. Can't stop now!

(DiFranco, Amos, Mayer, Weepies, Jaymay, Spektor, Cutie, Yama)

I never really imagined music being categorized. Wrong word. I guess I never really imagined music being charted. Wrong, again. I guess I never really imagined the music that I listen to (while alone) being charted so I could answer those ever-burning questions:

What do you listen to?
Who is your favorite singer?
And your favorite song?

Enter: Last.FM about 4 years ago. I created a profile and started listening.

It's a cool (free) music site. You can listen to "stations" and discover "new" music based on the music preferences you list...or type. You can't download these song, the "station" is streamed to you via the site.

You don't have to create a profile. BUT if you do, you can "scrobble" songs (by downloading applications) that you're listening to on your computer and create all sorts of data charts.

I've listened to 1,319 artists in the last four years. You can see my "top" eight pictured up there....and that makes sense, because I've probably seen those first three at least 15 times in concert.

You can see what song I've listened to 67 times...oops! Make that 68 times, because my laptop just started it up of us is obsessed.

Song? The City by Joe Purdy

You can "love" tracks, you can block tracks. You can find similar artists (as previously mentioned). It's pretty much awesome.
Some examples from the "bottom" of the "loved" list:

Yael Naïm – New Soul
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
John Mayer – Assassin
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Page France – Ceiling
Patty Griffin – Let Him Fly
John Mayer – Who Did You Think I Was
Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
Fionn Regan – Bunker Or Basement
Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth

After I've "discovered" new music here, I am free (pun intended) to move over to a more famous program and download (not for free, hence the pun) the music I have "fallen" in love with...a vicious cycle.


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