Friday, December 12, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me:

(fill in the rest of the cliché)

Thus, the grand "book-packing" began this evening...

Now go ahead and call me crazy *elapse time* but I actually like to keep my textbooks *have some more time here*

Remember that my books now consist mainly of literature anthologies and reference books which shall always be there to read...(or take up a few shelves when I "grow up" and own my own library)

But I started clearing away this semester's books in anticipation of next semester's books. I have permanently taken over half of the dining room table (because I still can't do "homework" in my own room).

While shifting around the "merchandise," I thought long and hard about this semester. I am still awaiting grades (I only know results in two classes) but I am DONE, nevertheless.

AFTER Learning/Writing/Accomplishing:
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • Beowulf
  • several legal terms & ideas specifically concerning mass communications
  • FOUR newspaper length articles (prepared outside of class)
  • THREE "unbiased" features about major political figures (inside class)
  • an Election Day "on campus" story
  • a MAGAZINE length feature story
  • THREE "short stories" (36 pages of original fiction)
  • (which means I read over 30 original fiction pieces by classmates)
  • major figures in 16th century English literature (poetry)
  • nearly 50 new poems (along with studies in formal poetry)

Alongside all I have learned, I have also managed to make several new friends. THIS I did NOT expect. I just assumed I would barrel through my last semesters, NOT taking names.

The complete opposite has occurred.It seems as if I have surrounded myself with several "writing friends" (who double as "drinking friends")...I expect an official "circle" to be created soon!

Now as much as I appreciate my "old" friends, there is nothing like having a conversation about story ideas, plots, writing exercises, grammar, and long lost books with people who LOVE story ideas, plots, writing exercises, grammar, and long lost books.

*more elapsed time to call me CRAZY*

thirty-three more days until Spring 2009 starts...


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Anonymous said...

oh why cant ya do you'r home work in your room????


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