Sunday, December 28, 2008

O, the Weather Outside is...

Yes! Lookie up there and finish the song lyric correctly by singing: "really really CRAZY!?!?!?!"

I'm not exactly a fan of mathematics (if you follow this blog at all, you already know this fact) but I figured the most recent weather pattern deserved a bit o' math anyway.

The "highest" high was 75 degrees. The "lowest" low was 12 degrees.
*that's a difference of 63 in less than a week*

Does anyone know what happens when it swings hot/cold/cold/cold/ hot/warm/cold? (such a big changed over a short amount of time)

People get *sick*...people go to the doctor (or don't go to the doctor)... People (in their miserable state) go to the Pharmacy... AND being as I work in a PHARMACY...

Imagine it all.

"All of a sudden I'm congested and achy..."
*cough snot cough*
"It feels like my head is going to explode..."
*cut in front of people*
"Where's the green shiny pills I took 5 years ago..."
"Why is my doctor's office closed, I might die?"

"Leave me alone! I want out of here!"
*that one's ME!*

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