Monday, December 8, 2008

25 Holiday Survival Tips:

Now I admit that I was NOT creative enough to come up with this list on my own; it's actually taken from one of the holiday cards I am sending out this season.

The card actually has 99 survival tips...

But I was creative enough to PICK the card in the first place (as well as put little stars * * *next to my favorites)...AND share them with you:

  1. mediate
  2. light a candle
  3. sleep in
  4. swallow aspirin
  5. hide out
  6. eat chocolate
  7. take a deep breath
  8. bake cookies
  9. glow
  10. stretch
  11. shop online
  12. take pictures
  13. take a chill pill
  14. drink good champagne
  15. hibernate
  16. eat more chocolate
  17. buy batteries
  18. learn the words
  19. have some coffee
  20. up the dosage
  21. giggle
  22. wash your hands
  23. moisturize
  24. soak overnight
  25. rinse and repeat


1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Where can I purchase a chill pill?


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