Monday, December 8, 2008

The Journalism Minor:

Yeah, I can't believe I have completed 15 hours (5 classes) of journalism either! When I read the "class descriptions" I'm pretty impressed with myself (and can't believe I actually "did all that")...and I have only one more this Spring and then the requirements for my "minor" will be met!


JOUR 1700 - Survey Mass Communication (3)
Social background, scope, functions, and organization of modern communication media, attention to all major mass communication media; philosophy and goals of modern journalism; impact on governmental, social and economic systems.

JOUR 2121 - Media Writing (3)
Basic instruction in journalistic forms and style; use of computer in composition of news reports or articles and in solution of news writing problems; laboratory writing exercises on computer. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: Passing grade on the Journalism Department's English Proficiency Test.

JOUR 2123 - Editing (3)
Practice in headline writing, editing, and newspaper makeup and study of contemporary editing problems. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121. **to be taken Spring 2009**

JOUR 3130 - Featre Write/Newspr/Mag (3)
Advanced practice in writing, publishing feature stories for magazines and newspapers; finding and developing publishable ideas; freelance techniques; advanced reporting skills; writing techniques with emphasis on leads, endings, description, effective use of anecdotes and quotations; critiques of student work.

JOUR 4700 - Mass Communication Law (3)
Origin and development of legal principles affecting freedom of expression and provisions of laws of libel, slander, copyright, and other statutes limiting communication in fields of publishing and broadcasting.

JOUR 4702 - Current Issues Journalism (3)
Advanced study of recent, critical problems faced by mass media with exploration of complexities that cause them. [I]

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