Friday, December 19, 2008


Main Entry: nu·mer·ol·o·gy
Pronunciation: \ˌnü-mə-ˈrä-lə-jē, ˌnyü-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin numerus + English -o- + -logy
Date: 1911
: the study of the [deleted] significance of numbers

(according to Merriam-Webster anyway)

Seven. It seems as if my college career might come down to the number (7). I have never been one to "have a lucky number," but at least it all comes to one that traditionally is known as Lucky.

It seems as if I have seven classes to pass in order to graduate. I am taking five this Spring, which leaves two over the Summer session. 5+ 2 = 7

Each class is worth three credit hours (7x3=21) (21/3=7)
2009= 2+9 in reverse is 9-2=7
(my birthday) - 2 = 7
I’m on page 34 of my “novella”…(3+ 4 = 7)

Don’t worry, I’ll stop, this is getting a little crazy. Wait! Let me continue Biblically:

The number 7 in Hebrew comes from the root word (Sheh'-bah) to mean "complete" or "full" days...

Okay. I'll really stop now. I think. Of these Seven classes, I know what six will be:

British Literature since 1750 /Studies in American Fiction/ Poetry Writing/ Editing (Journalism)/ Fiction Workshop/ Fiction Workshop/...(yes, twice)

The last class remains a mystery (at least until the classes for the Summer session are revealed).


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