Saturday, December 20, 2008

FEEDJIT update:

As I mentioned in a previous entry (22 days ago, to be exact) I am able to monitor HOW people come to be on Student: Revisited.

Yes, I'm totally imaging people falling from the sky and landing with a *thud* now...

Poetry Saves the Day: (my Forms professor would be surprised)
  • Holiday Survival (poem): Good to know we're all in this together!
  • Gasoline (poem): I wrote/photo'ed that in September. I guess there is a "famous" version out there and people keep clicking on the wrong one.
  • The inclusion of a poem by Katherine Philips: People either search the term "17th century poetry" or specific lines...

Different combinations of "mass" "media" "law" "exam" were terms used by (students?) in North Carolina, Texas, and California. Glad to know I'm not the only who was crazy preparing for finals.

Carrie Bradshaw ("We're so over we need a new word for over!") & The Mona Lisa of the North (could a link be posted somewhere?)...are the favorite women of my blog.

I haven't been as international this "go round" was mostly limited to North America, with a few hits from the Middle East thrown in for good measure.

NEW: I can see the Operating System (OS) used by my visitors: Windows XP beats out Vista and they both beat out Apple "OS X"...

*insert a conversation between "PC" and "Mac" here*


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