Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another "Study Avoidance" Tactic:

Recently I found out a way to "monitor" and actually SEE what people are typing into Google or Yahoo (or insert another search engine here) to be directed to my humble little blog.

Mostly it's Sex and the City related:
"I'm a Charlotte"
"Carrie sings Memories"
"Natasha falls and breaks a tooth"
"Mr. Big engagement party"

there are a few searches for "Turnitin dot com"...

Some science:
"Phylum Placoza"
"What are the squiggles on the Spirogyra"


the most "searched" phrases pointing people to my blog have to do with ART. Specifically The Girl with the Pearl Earring ("mona lisa of the north") one of Jan Vermeer's masterworks.

They land here from New Jersey, Kentucky, and Florida...and then internationally from Ireland, Portugal, Venezuela, Norway, Canada, and Sweden simply by searching "Mona Lisa of the North" (or some form of it).

Although lately I've gotten some visits because of my inclusion of a painting by John Waterhouse too.

And now back to studying...


1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I LOVE looking at my search strings! They are - most often - HILARIOUS!
Now - quit typing blogs and go type a story! :-)


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