Monday, November 24, 2008

So Maybe I do Talk *too much*:

But what is *too much* really?

(and YES! I had a Chatty Cathy as a child)

I have report cards from childhood (which will go into a museum, no doubt) in which the comment section always includes something along the lines of:

"Janet is a pleasure to have in class, she is bright, friendly...But her mouth runs at 70 miles per hour"

Punishment for expressing myself (too much verbally) including standing in the corner.

Completely turned around and NOT facing the classroom.

I would always find a way to communicate with my classmates though. No really. I can't make this stuff up!

Fast forward to this weekend. I was "chatting" on Facebook.
(the written equivalent to running my mouth)

(p.s. what did I do before Facebook?--->Myspace?--->AOL?--->MSN?)

I was chatting with a classmate. I was chatting with a co-worker. I was chatting with a family member. I was chatting with a friend. Ya know, people I know and adore. Topics were varied. It was a successful Quadruple Chat Fest.

*just imagine conversations here*

Then I started getting block messages, every time I would "say something" telling me that I had REACHED MY LIMIT. I was about to be BANNED. For what? What did I do? I wasn't telling secrets dealing with national security.

I WAS TALKING (chatting) TOO MUCH! I thought it was a joke. So I continued. In fact, I started chatting more feverishly than ever. Words, sentences, paragraphs were FLYING out of my fingertips.

THEN! It stopped.
I was banned.Completely and utterly banned.
Mid-conversation. Mid-thought.

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech...BUT FACEBOOK CAN!

It was funny. It was hilarious. I went to bed. Surely in the morning I would be able to...NO! I stared out on the "online" section of Facebook, watching friends (and family members and classmates) sign on and off and on and off.

I couldn't SAY A WORD! I actually had to do homework instead! I sent out text messages (I will NOT be stopped). Friends (and classmates) couldn't believe I was banned. (They were probably secretly relieved)...

But guess what? Last night--I came home from work and tried it out AGAIN just for the fun of it...and I was able to spew forth my verbal (written) thoughts! I was able to CHAT!

I kept the conversation down to ONE person. It was't even a marathon of verbal-wit. It was cool, calm, and collected. I've learned my lesson. When FACEBOOK says, "STFU" I guess I have to listen. Or blog about it accordingly.



Yael said...

Same thing happened to me, too! I was off-chat for 3-4 days. It *sucked*. I still think it's ridiculous. They even say in their section on it that if they deem you to be too "abusive" (???), they'll kill your account.

janet said...


My thoughts exactly. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the selective Facebook Chat ban.



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