Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness:

(Better known around campus as the SETE)

My answers, in no particular order...for all five classes (professors); no, I won't tell you WHICH is WHICH...

1. I have become more competent because of this course.
SA, SA, SA, A, N

2. I had an opportunity to ask questions in or outside of class.
SA, A, SA, A, N

3. The course was well organized.
A, SA, A, A, D

4. The tests or other evaluation methods adequately assessed how well I learned the course material.
A, A, SA, N, SD

5. The instructor was enthusiastic when presenting course material.
A, A, SA, N, D

6. The instructor was interested in teaching.
SA, SA, SA, N, D

7. The instructor was concerned with whether the students learned the materials.
SA, A, SA, N, D

8. The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject.
A, SA, SA, N, N

9. In general, the instructor was an effective teacher.
SA, SA, SA, N, D

Key: Strong Agree, Agree, Neither, Disagree Strong Disagree


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