Saturday, November 8, 2008

The First-MUTT:

Mutt (circa 1899) is related to Mongrel (15th century) and it comes from Middle English (sounds French to me) but according to Merriam-Webster it's "probably from mong mixture, short for ymong, from Old English" & there are several definitions but I prefer:

2: a cross between types of persons or things

So does Buttercup. Buttercup is my beloved "mutt" (Yes, I went for MUTT instead of Mongrel). She has occupied a space in my heart (and this world) for 5 years now.

She has a few distinct features of the Shar Pei: unique "hippopotamus" head shape, profile and wrinkles...but she is muscular, lion-like and regal with a very smooth coat (and not as much fur--although she sheds like...) like the Chow Chow. She has a blue/black tongue splotch and that stilted gait as well. Her snout protrudes more like the Shiba Inu...(AKC search)

Yeah, I don't know...but I love her madly anyway.

Now I can tell you that SHE...
  • loves "soft" toys (the ones she can "de-fluff")
  • ice in her water (crushed, not cubed)
  • rolling around in the grass (or on my bed)
  • frolicking around like a deer (when she sees a squirrel)
  • laying with her hind legs splayed out...(she's classy)

When I told Buttercup that the First-Family Elect is going to bring a "mutt" into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she was quite happy. We think it's only fitting. Why have some "pure bred" dog running around? A "mutt" represents us all so much better (and Buttercup agrees).

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Yay for MUTTS! Yay for a "first-mutt"...Yay for an "adopted from a shelter first-mutt"...



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