Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Lack of Blogging:

[or Branting, thanks Laura Zigman.]

I feel as if I never have enough time. Enough time to spout off lines and lines of beautiful blog worthy prose. My beautiful blog worthy prose has turned into:
  • Three 12-page Fiction Stories (plus more, not required for my current class)
  • Four "Newspaper Length" Feature Stories
and before the end of the month, you can add:
  • a paper comparing/contrasting Sylvia Plath's use of obsessive/open form in her poetry
  • a paper about the sonnet "A Married State" (1646) by Katherine Philips
  • a "Magazine Length" Feature Story

I wish I could explain to you completely the sheer exhaustion my "writing self" feels. [And I basically couldn't be happier about it, either!]

  • I have read (edited/commented on) more than 30 fiction short stories (written by classmates)
  • I have read (studied/learned beyond recognition) enough poetry to make Keats cry.

And all of this doesn't even begin to touch the ten (10) chapters of Mass Media Law I have crammed into my head. My brain could explode. [And I basically couldn't be happier about it, either!]

I have also found a few "writing friends." Do you know how exciting this is? At least three other Creative Writing majors who are not only female--but amazing & talented & inspiring...our little group shall take over the world, no doubt!

[oh! and I've found a Muse! Be sure not to tell anyone!]

I registered for FOUR more class (Spring) this week as well. And I am contemplating my fifth class. So please forgive me for a really, really lacking semester (in the blogging department).

[But remember, I basically couldn't be happier about it, either!]


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Stephanie said...

Whats a muse? And puhlease - just spout off on the blog like I do. :-) Its way more fun that way - then you can always read back and say - oh my goodness! Did I really say that to the creepy strangers reading my stuff? Nice... :-)


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