Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beware the Ides...

of March!?
(a soothsayer)

Maybe only if you are Caesar, because I actually had an amazing one!

(And I hope the same for you)

I received a fantastical e-mail from an MFA program at practically the same time someone at work asked,

"Have you heard from any other programs yet?"

I said, "No." (ho hum) But decided to check the infamous BlackBerry ten minutes later anyway.

Before you knew it, I was leaping for joy (both feet left the ground) and kicking a pharmacist in an unmentionable place while in the process.

(Not a good Ides for him, I suppose.)

There was no strange screaming, but something that sounded like a PANT for the rest of the day--they asked if I had returned to our atmosphere "yet," I exclaimed, "Nope!"

Ay, they have come, but they are not gone. (a soothsayer)

I am waiting to hear about the F-word (funding), of course. My chances seem better than at the "other" G. I'm practicing the power of positive thinking, nevertheless.

I'm currently 2/6 in this crazy MFA game (still waiting to hear from 4 other programs, I'm expecting to be 2/7 come Friday)...

but I have a feeling this may all work out...(positive thoughts--see!)



Alyssa said...

It kills me slightly that you don't ever mention WHICH MFAs... but congrats!

janet said...

I like being mysterious. Thanks!




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