Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Brain: Insert Information

Thumb twiddling is an activity that is done with the hands of an individual whereby the fingers are interlocked and the thumbs circle around a common focal point.

While it is an expression of at least a moderate amount of manual dexterity, thumb twiddling is frequently used as an example of a useless, time-wasting activity.

It is equated with other activities that are also considered useless by the speaker. Therefore it is most often used as a synonym for an activity that will take the attention of the performer, but will not yield any useful results.

(all information "borrowed" from Wikipedia)

Sure, there is more that I could be doing right now than obsessively checking any blog related to (self-reported) MFA acceptances...I am being a somewhat productive member of society...especially now that I'm not watching the Winter Olympics (I think I deserve a medal for my fanaticism).

I go to work.
I communicate with friends.
My sweet Buttercup gets a lot of love.

I could clean my room.
I could clean my car.
I could read a book...or maybe WRITE something...

But I check blogs instead.

I wait and wait and wait. I'm to the point of chasing the Mail Truck around the block...and don't ask me how many times an hour I check my BlackBerry just to see if maybe I have e-mail...

I'm an incredibly lucky person already. I've been accepted to a prestigious creative writing program, but the funding (TA selection process) isn't a guarantee. I have to wait...

I have two official "NO's"... so I'm waiting to hear from SEVEN schools (in case the funding doesn't work out).

& learning about Thumb Twiddling (of course):

  • Most people tend to twiddle their thumbs in the direction where the thumb currently at the top goes towards the fingers.
  • Twiddling the thumbs in opposite directions from each other is significantly more difficult than regular thumb twiddling.
  • Thumb twiddling can be used as a simple test for manual dexterity.
Good to know.



Tara Mae said...

What I will say about GA/TAships is that U of M told me the same thing, "It's not guaranteed," but then it came through.

I imagine it might be the same with GMU as long as you push for it!

janet said...

:) I love your positivity!

I have notified GMU that I am definitely interested in accepting the admissions offer, BUT it all depends on how the TAship process turns out (READ: I can't afford it otherwise).

I got a lot of information about the process in the mail this weekend and it seems like a fair process in which I may control at least 80% of my own destiny...

:) Again, thank you for being a ray of sunshine!


Tara Mae said...

I will say that it came through for not just me, but at least 7 other people that applied and were told it "wasn't guaranteed."

You could totally get one.



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