Sunday, February 21, 2010


They say the world is getting smaller.

(collective "they" being unnamed, but you've heard this all before)

I agree, of course.

Thanks Internet! (trains, planes, and automobiles too)

This is the first "Twitter" Winter Olympics...yes, I too have been glued to the big screen and the small screen--reading what everyone else has to say at the exact same time.

It's beyond fun. It's like a million stars colliding at once (in 140 characters or less).

I've had my own share of tweets too:

loves crazy tappin' plaid Canucks!
Poetry slam!
back to the red maple leaf mittens <3
(Opening Ceremony)

Tie-dyed Hawaiian shirt pattern with orange snow pants? Score!
(Men's Half-pipe)

wants a jeweled-encrusted snake to wear around too...
To quad or not to quad...the eternal burning question
is a bit befuddled by the black/white checkered cowl-neck, vested top...
(Men's Figure Skating, of course)

[I'll refrain from repeating anything related to Apolo Ohno, because I'd rather not let you read my 12-year-old fangirl heart]

But speaking of Apolo, it's pretty awesome when the athletes have (verified) Twitter accounts too. Especially when they update from the games (in 140 characters or less)--before or after competing....

It's almost inspiration and makes me smile.

Our twittering hearts...our shining stars...the conversation constellation is map-able. We have a chart--

is anyone out there? (obviously yes)
Are we alone? (obviously no)


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