Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out!

your Godiva Chocolate heart!!

(obviously I didn't give up chocolate for Lent)

So you'd think a "Hey, I've got great news" entry would be relatively easy to write, right? (homophone!)

Not so fast, my dear reader (you).

The big Rejection Tuesday (2/9/10) was followed by the big Acceptance Tuesday (2/16/10)...

Yes. It's been about 37 38 hours since that "little" e-mail (little, because it was read via BlackBerry)...completely unexpected--I was thrown for a big ol' loop and found myself doing a strange half-yell which turned into something that sounded like panting!

Me? An MFA candidate in Fiction at a prestigious program?

I promptly re-read...Wandered around in circles, called my Mom (after calling work and letting them know I'd be about fifteen minutes late--but GOOD news was to come)...

I hopped around... More strange half-yelling and then I started texting like a crazy fool. I re-read the tiny screen...and went to work.

Pinch me?

1. A
2. A
3. F
4. G YES!!!
5. G
6. H
7. M :(
8. W :(
9. V
10. V

And as you can see, I still have seven more schools to hear from--which is very exciting and less nerve wracking...of course, I can't go to G without funding, read: a TA position (which involves a successful interview)....FREAK OUT!

But I'm going to revel in happiness for now....HAPPY, HAPPY-ness!

(my Godiva heart is was GOOD...and apparently I'm worthy of possessing hearts... )



Kelly said...

Janet, I am so excited about this. Not getting my hopes up since I'm sure you'll have many schools fighting for you. Regardless, know that you've got a friend in VA!

Alyssa said...

Ohhhhh CONGRATS!!!

(But which school is G again??)

This must be soo very exciting! =)


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