Friday, February 5, 2010

As Easy as 1-2-3

Forward Bends

Warrior II


And I am not saying any of this is EASY, mind you. I am simply showing you three reasons why I can't walk today...don't forget the squats either.

Okay, I guess I can walk, I just FEEL it. Can someone call in "Triangle" to work?

How would that go exactly?

Please excuse me from work today, I over-Triangled.*

*Goddess/Temple pose(d)
did too much Pigeon Pose'ing

Maybe you can't tell from all screamin', but I absolutely adore Yoga. :D

In fact, the Yoga Universe is so small, that I found out last night that my current Yoga Instructor (Goddess) has taken Meditation classes from my first Yoga Instructor!

And the same first Yoga Instructor gives private lessons to a certain famous Yogi when he happen to be in town filming movies.

By power of Namaste, therefore I've Yoga'd with ____________!

Was I up at 3:30am?
Was I singing Counting Crows songs?
Have I checked the MFA Blogs today?
Am I going to work today? But am I off this weekend?
Is it still gray outside?
But is gray my favorite color?
(Yes x 7)

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