Thursday, February 4, 2010

Follow Me into the Dark!

...waiting for the hint of the spark...

It is only February 4, but I am full-speed ahead on my "freaking out, whilst waiting to hear about graduate school" plan. I thought this intense state of panic could be saved until mid-March.


Last night I spent a fair amount of time creeping (lurking) through the numerous MFA blogs out there. I was comparing "school lists" and looking to see if anyone out there has heard from their school yet.

I saw statistics that I'm glad I didn't see until NOW:

4 programs are harder to get into than Harvard Medical (3.21%)...

2 of them are harder than "regular" Harvard (undergrad 6.04%)...
1 is harder than Harvard Business (12%)...

(which leaves another three programs I applied to which are not on the list)

No one ever said I wasn't a brave (crazy) soul.

Then it was time to lurk/creep through an entire list of programs and when the first acceptance letters/emails/phone calls went out over the last three years...

So now I have my very own chart of dates to anticipate and mourn as they go by (list is in alphabetical order, but I only included numerical order to protect my future home just a little bit longer):

this year? a poetry applicant heard 8 days ago....

2) 2.7.06/3.13.07/2.27.08/3.14.08/3.12.09/3.20.09
this year? no word

3) 2.27.06/3.5.07/3.6.07/2.24.08/2.29.08/2.17.09/3.10.09
this year? nope

4) 2.3.06/2.20.07/2.24.07/1.26.08/2.6.08/2.14.08/2.3.09/2.10.09
this year? not yet

5) 2.21.07/2.29.08/2.28.09/3.4.09/3.6.09
this year? nada

6) 3.17.06/3.10.07/3.12.07/3.17.08/3.11.09/3.13.09
this year? nothing

7) 3.1.06/2.21.07/2.8.08/2.8.08/1.23.09/1.30.09/3.17.09
this year? nope

8) 3.10.07/2.29.08/2.29.08/2.6.09
this year? nada

9) 3.27.06/3.12.07/3.13.07/3.10.08/3.18.08/3.30.09/4.1.09
this year? nothing

10) 3.2.06/2.26.07/3.2.07/2.15.08/2.16.08/2.19.09/2.19.09
this year? not yet

(these numbers came from HERE--see the links on the right side of the page)

So statistically speaking (again) who would I hear from first? #1 (if they are already in the process of accepting)...#4 seems liking too. See? I'm mad.

At least I know I'm not alone in the hell of waiting, but I shouldn't be left alone with Internet access for too long, because you see what kind of mess I get into....PORN? Ha! I wish it was something typical.

Thank goodness the Winter Olympics are starting soon (distractions, distractions).


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