Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Graduated, now what?

I wait. I wait. I wait. It's the first full week of February and I have...ten (?) weeks of waiting to go:

Reading books (so my mind doesn't atrophy)
Knitting wearables (so my hands don't deteriorate)
Working full-time (so my bank account doesn't...shrivel up and die)
Watching movies (so my mind doesn't give way)
Yoga-practicing (so my body doesn't decline)
Working full-time (see the section above)

I'm pretty sure I just wanted to use the Thesaurus today because I can't tell you the first or last time I ever used "atrophy" in a written sentence.

I had a friend stop by a month or so ago and tell me about her new career as a teacher. We took a class together in the Fall of 2008. She told me that her school was probably going to be looking for a 10th grade English teacher soon...

*insert fantasies about being a 10th grade English teacher here*

There was a conversation about "applying" to local newspapers (the S is a bit misleading, because our print media market isn't gigantic--but it isn't lacking either). Not really sure about the want to apply though...

I know how that business works.

Conversations about what exactly I want to do or see myself doing or what in the world is an MFA have been had with all types of people.


The Australian Open was a great distraction--Federer Reigns and Serena Swings!

Back to waiting for the rejection letters to come (psyching myself out)...
Back to downloading music on iTunes...
Back to ordering birthday gifts waaaay in advance...

The dripping, melting snow may as well represent my sanity.


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