Thursday, September 17, 2009


(of the Sun kind)
Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) are the core of a Vinyasa style yoga practice--a series of poses done in succession so that one pose flows into the next. The pace of the flow and how long the poses are held may vary, but the movement is done in accompaniment with the breath. The purpose of the Sun Salutation is to warm up the body for more intense stretches.

Believe me, after going through this cycle ONCE I am more than warm enough. I am a burning ball of energy.

Then ya do it all over again on the other side.

Geez. After all of that, my body temperature equals that of the sun. BUT HEY! At least I'm going to yoga, right?

Nevermind the sweaty, clumsy girl in the back row. *waves*

Finding time for yoga in my already full, full (so much so, I had to say it twice) schedule was challenging. But I did it, with help of a friend.

Sweating in front of strangers is ONE thing, now imagine doing it in front of someone you'd rather look "cool" in front of...someone you actually know.

Psh. No least not now (it took three weeks for me to come to this mindset).

And just in case you're a big, ol' book nerd like myself--I can't see the word SALUTATIONS! without thinking of Charlotte's Web.

Terrific piece of personal trivia: Guess what was the first BOOK that ever made me cry? And I was in second grade, and it was being read to us for "story time"...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you this really helped me to understand... and how each of these position helps


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