Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 Reasons to Read the OA:

aka the Southern Magazine of Good Writing)

Seeing is believing...

Beautiful, desirable, and dead...'s NOT an easy read.

All three of these pieces appear as "Lit Crit" in the most current theme issue--The Southern Lit issue--the issue I have been waiting for since the LAST issue hit stands.

I am no means an expert on this subset of literature, but it is indeed one I am well-versed in. Last semester alone I dealt with/read/discussed all three of the aforementioned authors.

Flannery, Eudora, and William.
Love, Respect, and Loathe.
(in that order)

BUT I am doing my best to "un" loathe William, because I know that his work/writing is just too complex for me to fully understand or appreciate...yet. It has been suggested to me to work through his short stories (I have read two) before attempting a novel.

Novel idea, right? (pun intended)

I have been reading the Oxford American since...issue 32 (or May 2000). Yes. We have a history. I remember picking up that issue like I remember my first car. It was that monumental. It was that strong.

I was affected! (maybe infected)

I freely admit to understanding the magazine A LOT MORE now. I see it and smile. It makes me feel smart and or less nerdy.

Go to the website. Go to the bookstore.
Hunt down the magazine.

If you hate it, I'm sorry.

If you love it, GOOD!


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allison said...

I would flip William and Eudora in yours. I respect William, as long as I can keep my distance. When he is brought up in conversation, I smile and nod, perhaps mention he lived near me, if I say anything.

Eudora, though... Eudora I am quite vocal in my opposition.


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