Friday, September 4, 2009

First Week is...

(in the books, yuk yuk yuk, even though I am still lacking ONE!)

Women & (in) Music:
  • Very light-hearted professor. She knows her stuff, cracks great jokes, and has the ability to break into song at the drop of a hat.
  • There are more graduate students than undergrads...I didn't know this was a combo course.
  • The work seems fair, we have "seminar" days in which we have to lead the class (should be interesting, I like the group).
  • The final paper is fifteen pages long. 15. We get to chose the topic, BUT it has to be in Chicago style. She apologized to me (the English major) because it wasn't MLA.

Feminist Theory:

  • On Day One, I sat there internally fretting away. What was I thinking--taking upper division Philosophy considering I dropped Logic after one class (circa 1998).
  • The professor is beyond brilliant. She knows the topic, she has written articles and helped translate books and she is hosting the big Spindel Conference later this month.
  • I printed out my first packet of material even though I was fearful and found myself completely enthralled.
  • After our first lecture--I am confident. This will be a very challenging class, but I can handle it. Ask me about Aristotle and his "dualities"...I can halfway explain it!

Fiction Writing Workshop II

  • I admit to being nervous about this one. A workshop being led by a successful writer? Someone who typically teaches graduate (MFA) students and I was going to be in his class?
  • Then I got there. Then I saw familiar faces. Then he showed up. Then I was happy.
  • I was so happy that I volunteered to have a story ready in two weeks. Clearly I am crazy. And this was before he quoted my absolute favorite lines by Whitman even!
  • I have to harness this happiness (and respect) into one hell-of-a-story. Of course, like he said, they are just words on a page. (Sound familiar? Read the second paragraph.)

Abnormal Psychology:

  • The scientific study of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders is known as psychopathology.
  • Insanity is A LEGAL TERM and is not the same as abnormal behavior.
  • Trephining was the process of making a hole is the skull to relieve pressure and release evil spirits during the Stone Age.
  • And I have a "discussion" due in less than 24 hours. A discussion about THE BRAIN. Obviously I need to get to WORK!

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