Monday, June 29, 2009

Midnight in the Garden...

John Cusack
(photo credit to whoever was lucky enough to take it)

He’s my Hugh Jackman (nod to Laura Zigman).

She adores him like I adore John.

Of course, I haven’t met John (like Laura has met Hugh) nor have I published novels (again, like Laura has published novels)—so that’s where the comparison to LZ must end.

Laura! I just noticed the JACK/ZIG (man) coincidence! I hereby label it the JackZig connection (definition forthcoming)!

I watched SAY ANYTHING again over the weekend — and there is a moment where John looks like Elvis. Elvis cira 1956.

And if you know how I feel about Elvis circa 1956, you know what a compliment that is (notice the coffee-table size Elvis 1956 book I have, which can be used as evidence).

(Which reminds me of an embarrassing poem written where I merge the two, may it never see the light of day.)

Upon reading more about John, I see that in 2008 (according to wiki) a woman pleaded no contest to stalking him—and received five years probation and mandatory psychiatric counseling.

Don’t point at me! That’s NOT me! (I don’t know where he lives!) But I guess that's a bit more evidence to show how--crazy he makes people.

My favorite John Cusack moments (movies):
Better Off Dead (only for John)
Say Anything
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
High Fidelity
Grosse Pointe Blank
American Sweethearts
Must Love Dogs

So enjoy the eye-candy above and the general genius of the man, the myth, the legend.



Anonymous said...

High Fidelity was my first Cusack, and therefore remains my favorite. Though Say Anything was adorable, and Must Love Dogs was swoon-worthy.

I think it's pretty much understood that all women (ok, almost all, just in case) think he's a cutie. Even my mom, for god's sake...

Anonymous said...

I don't really like him



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