Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can I just borrow your cape?

Two entries in one day and then it all falls flat—I know, forgive me Reader (YOU, again).

I’ve been “less scholarly” today.

I went to lunch with a friend, (beer in the afternoon on a weekday? Scandalous!) and then we “ran errands” for a couple hours. The running of errands wore me out.

The heat index? 110.

She typically does this with a 22-month-old in tow (not the beer part)--I can barely lug myself in and out of the car without throwing a tantrum myself, she's Wonder Woman!

Then I realize that SIX of my 11 grad school choices are also in the South. I love the South, don't get me wrong--but the weather (%&*@!) I will NEVER get used to the weather!

Speaking of graduate school, the whole idea of sending out portfolios and writing samples makes me feel like the proverbial 13-year-old "holding up the wall" at the junior high dance, while awkwardly screaming on the inside:

"Please, one of you 11, PICK ME, PICK ME!"

Friends, co-workers, and family members tell me "don't worry, you'll get in..." But I still have a strange feeling that come March I'll be flinging my alcohol-soaked body off the Hernando de Soto Bridge (that's the "new" bridge, to us local folks):

Here's a black & white artsy photograph from the banks of the river at sunset. This is what I'll see as I crash down.

At least it will be pretty for a split second. (I took this picture!)

I kid, of course.

But I do admit that I've had some form of this conversation with a fellow writer (she's already been accepted into an MFA program--she starts in a couple months)...on several occasions already.

She says she will jump right alongside with me. Don't worry--I'll have printed out a manifesto and everything I've ever written--I'll surely get published then!

(Don't check on me, really, I'm fine!)

I will be taking a GRE practice test tomorrow though. How is THAT for scholarly? Hopefully it will go well. I know it will go well, I am invincible! I am woman--I just have to borrow a cape, give me a moment.


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Anonymous said...

I'll let you borrow my cape, but it's cooler just wearing the bracelets! ;-)


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