Sunday, April 27, 2008

Que Sera Sera:

(whatever will be, will be)

Sadly, It has come to my attention that I did not win the scholarship I mentioned months ago in a lovely entry entitled: My (imagined) Sitcom Life. The news arrived in the form of a standard email--which did include a phone number to call for more specific information.

(the future's not ours, to see)

I might call later in the week to get more details--I will wait until after I've completed my FINALS. Yes, the semester is over (as far as actual classes are concerned) and now I just need to finish the final exam(s).

You are probably wondering WHY I am writing instead of studying, right? Well, I just completed one section of homework (only 1232 to go). I can't do Math all day, my eyes could permanently cross and my brain could explode.

(Que Sera, Sera)

Aside from the obvious--this upcoming week will be filled with many other things including:

1. an annual visit to the vet (lucky, Buttercup)
2. a visit with my Adviser at the university (should be fun)

AND *drumroll* the day after my last Final...

3. a required legal visit downtown for a JURY POOL (seriously)

(What will be, will be)


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