Friday, April 11, 2008

Top of the World (almost):

So back from the "glorious run" some call a DREAM, but we call a reality (because WE are MEMPHIS)...

A lot of exciting things have occurred this week (despite the result Monday night). I've come to realize the reason WHY I love, love, LOVE sports. And it's simple really.

Where else in the world can you experience EVERY human emotion over the short course of a season?

And despite experiencing all of these emotions, you actually SURVIVE at the end! It's like a good book or film. Or maybe it's even like a hot fling with a foreign exchange student. You know it has to end eventually--but then when it does you have a lot of moments to remember fondly.

(and don't get me wrong, I've been in a "mourning period" just like everyone else--and it will be a long time before I can talk about the actual game)

There are just a couple weeks before my case, it's just two (and four) more classes respectively. I am relatively sure of the actual GRADE(s) I'll be receiving as well.

I actually have been in touch with an English Adviser at the University of Memphis this week and we have a meeting scheduled next week. I even got to register for the Summer and Fall semester yesterday!

Forthcoming classes
(over the remainder of the 2008):

Math Foundations II
England since 1714
British Literature to 1750
Forms of Poetry
Mass Communication Law
Feature Writing for Newspaper/Magazine

Hold on to your seat, my friends. There appears to be a light at the end of this tunnel (or over at the Frankenstein Place)...


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