Friday, May 25, 2007

Start Me Up:

Dear Coffee: I shall now sing for you a special song filled with deep passion and truth, "and I can't help falling in love with you..."

Since I don't start Biology until next week (4 days), I've had some time to think about my BOC (Beverage of Choice). I even got a lovely package in the mail this week containing Kill Devil Coffee (Ashley's Indonesian Blend) and although I have yet to brew a pot I am very excited at the prospect.

My BOC might have been whatever was 2-for-1 at the bar during 'College: The First Attempt' but now I'm older and wiser (right?) I am trying to be smarter with my choices. Plus I might need all of the coffee because I AM OLDER and need something to wake me up and keep me going in the morning and when I get home from class AND work only to start on homework (homework? what's homework? OH NO!)...but I digress.

You can akin your local/favorite Barista to your local/favorite Pharmacist. I understand this all might be a bit of a stretch, but in my little world it makes perfect sense. They are both legal drug dealers who mix up fabulous concoctions to cure what ails you. Yes?

I was with a dear friend a couple weeks ago when I picked up some Ugly Mug Coffee (Southern Pecan) because it was on sale and I've always loved what they've had to offer. On the way out of the grocery store, I saw a display of seasonal ELVIS coffee (also brewed by Ugly Mug) and I had to ask my friend to give me a reason NOT to buy it. "You just bought some coffee..." She's so smart!

The coffee, by the way, was a big hit! It makes me want to sing...


p.s. Suggestions? I have a summer filled with three classes ahead of me, I need all the help I can get.


Marlene said...

you make me jealous. i cant drink coffee anymore, i am strictly a tea kinda gal. vicariously drinking through you of course. ;)

Stephanie G said...

Bio, huh? I'm taking a Bio II lab this summer - my new children are called 'Madagascan Hissing Roaches." I have the lovely task of caring for them throughout the summer. Want to meet them?? :-)
~ The Second Sister Stephanie ~


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