Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ramen, oh Ramen!

(otherwise known as 'COLLEGE FOOD')

So I was wandering around the grocery store (Aldi) the other day and saw a cardboard flat with 12 packages of chicken flavored Ramen noodles--for less than $2.00! I thought to myself, "Do it, for old times sake, young college student!"

Note: I didn't really eat Ramen noodles while in the dorms during College the First Season. I ate a lot of pizza rolls (because I had that little microwave/fridge deal) and bags of lettuce with crutons and bacon bits.

This afternoon I actually indulged in a little 'Ramen time.' After boiling a few cups of water and letting the block o' noodles get nice and al dente I drained them (I like it less-soupy, more noodle-y). Now because there's enough sodium in one little package of seasoning to kill a horse, I only used 1/4 of it on my noodles and threw the rest of it away. I added chopped green onions, poured the mixture into my thermos cup and enjoyed.

I thought about the first time I remember having Ramen noodles: I was watching Iron Eagle (on televison) with my father and he made them (very soupy, and with the block o' noodles broken into teeny pieces. It was the perfect companion food to Doug Masters (Jason Gedrick) who at that time, I thought was the hottest guy to get into a cockpit (of a jet)*.

*Note: I've been told that I really had a thing for Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) who I guess technically was the hottest guy to get into a cockpit...of a space craft. But I only remember my boyfriend, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), so was he the hottest? Childhood crushes are telling.

I don't know how long it will take me to get through this cardboard flat of Ramen, because I've decided that they are truly an aquired taste that I might have flow past (in a jet with Jason Gedrick).


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