Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Inquiry into Life:

Also Known As: I got my Biology textbook and Lab Manual today! *round of applause*

So I will refrain from griping about the cost of aforementioned text and manual. Inquiry into Life will do me for the second class too (I will have to get the second manual though). While wandering about the bookstore, I also saw the two books I will need for the 2nd Summer Session. Weeee! I didn't purchase them just in case the world ends before July 5th and I need that extra cash in my account (or I find them cheaper elsewhere).

The cashier (she also took me to the location of my new books on the shelf) just finished the same Biology class and so she sold me HER Lab Manual for $15 less than the used manual price! What luck, bless her heart!

After the bookstore experience, I got my parking hangtag (after going upstairs and getting proof that I've paid for the summer). That was fun and the police officer went over the parking map in great detail. She looked at my scheduled and decided which lot I should use. Ha! I'm telling you, Karma was on my side today.

Nerdy Stuff:
So I'm already taking notes on the first chapter of Biology. I am remembering SOME of this stuff from more than a decade ago Mrs. Juanita Covington's biology class my sophomore year of HS. And the fact that I just remembered her name (I can picture her too) is a good sign. I think.

Molecule->Atom->Cell->Tissue->Organ->Organ System->Organism

ROCK ON! Notecards!


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Stephanie G said...

Don't go buyin' books from the way-overpriced-college bookstore. As a matter of fact - stay away (FAR away) from that place!!! Go to amazon.com to purchase. You'll kiss me later for my advice.... :-)


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