Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Small Miracles:

Here I sit after 10pm making notecards concerning "basic" chemistry (yes, I'm taking Biology). It's not the most horrible stuff I've EVER seen in my whole entire life and rewriting and SEEING everything repetitively is REALLY helpful.

You've probably heard about the different "styles" of learning: Visual, Auditory, Tactile AKA Seeing, Hearing and Doing. I think my "style" is a combination of all three. Once I wrap my brain around something and it makes sense I'm off and running.

*allow image of my brain running at warpspeed to sink in*

Over the past several years at work in the pharmacy (my day job as a Pharmacy Technician) I have come to realize that I might also have a photographic memory (or at least that's what co-workers say). I can recall the actual packaging of a stock bottle (or tablet, capsule, etc.) with great clarity which is almost scary.

I know that might not sound too exciting, but did you know that brand name Keflex (antibiotic) came as a dark green & light green capsule in a dark brown square-ish bottle which is very similar to the brand name Prozac (antidepressant) bottle, which I know is made by Lilly so I can tell you that Keflex was originally made by Lilly as well (maybe that was off-topic).

This could be very important if you came into the pharmacy and told us that you were on antibiotic that was dark green & light green and it caused you to break out into a rash. We have a place to start as far as helping YOU identify your drug allergy. Life and death, people.

Now I just have to use this photographic memory (really?) and memorize what isotopes, ionic bonds or covalent bonds look like when expressed in numbers and letters.

Since I've had time to blabber on about all of this, I guess you can tell I survived my first day of class. Our first lab is tomorrow and our first exam is next Tuesday. I think my schedule is going to suit me perfectly. I can finish reading and taking notes AFTER work every night and I have time to start reading (or read over labs) BEFORE class every morning.

FYI: On the way to school today, I noticed a brand new building on Sycamore View: STARBUCKS! It has opened within the last few days and I have to pass it TWICE everyday now! The sound of joy could be heard echoing within my car. Small miracles, everyday.


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